gift guide for him with uncommon goods

Monday, December 5, 2016

True story.  We received an Uncommon Goods catalog in the mail the other day, and my husband had JUST finished going through it saying how cool he thought their stuff was when I opened my email to find a note from Uncommon Goods.  It was easy to say yes to creating a gift guide after seeing my husband love everything he saw (which is rare).  Even easier when I know that most everything they sell is made here in the USA, much of it by hand, with respect to the integrity of the individual creators.   

Uncommon Goods has TONS of things us ladies would love, but this guide is for the men.  All of these items were picked out by my husband, so they are officially Man Approved.

ONE //  This year Mike turned 40, and he will tell you it changed him in a funny way.  He started wearing fun socks :D These socks were the first things he pointed out when he went through their catalog. 

TWO // Again, the man loves fun socks.  And, who doesn't like tacos??  Double win.

THREE // This traveling cocktail kit is awesome.  Just imagine the looks of jealously on fellow fliers faces when he pulls this kit out of his carry on.  

FOUR // Does he already have enough liquor to last him through the next two years?  Mike will buy a new bottle not because he's out, but just because the label looks cool ;D  This dispenser is the perfect gift for that guy.

FIVE // Boys love trains.  Both my son and husband get excited when they see one.  These are cufflinks are made from authentic date nails in use from 1897.  The little boys can have their Thomas and the big boys can sport these cool cufflinks.

SIX // Mike loves American History.  These constitution glasses are right up his alley.

SEVEN // A bottle of liquor will be appreciated by most spirits fans.  But, how cool would it be if they were able to create their own signature whiskey, rum, or bourbon?  This kit is like gifting them bragging rights.

EIGHT // This paper weight boast one of my husband's favorite quotes.  It also reminds us of the Rodney Atkin's song we love. 

NINE // Anyone remember the TV show MacGyver?  These awesome collar stays are made out of titanium and not only keep those collars in check, but also tighten screws, cut loose threads, and opens bottles.  Talk about being prepared.

TEN // Loving these personalized glasses.  A set of seven for each deadly sin.  The etched character is created by award winning cartoonist, Mort Gerberg.  

ELEVEN // Everyone is doing the YETI thing.  Be the ball and go with this over achiever growler instead.  It keeps carbonated drinks bubbly for 24 hours and hot beverages piping for 12.  Add a keg kit and turn it into a traveling keg.  Who just became the coolest dude at the beach?

TWELVE // Coffee mugs are always a good option.  This one would be right at home on Mike's desk at work.

THIRTEEN //perfect gift for the guy on the go!  This emergency grooming kit can stash away in a briefcase or car.  Loving the tie inspired fabric.

FOURTEEN // This paperweight definitely caught my husband's eyes.  His dad use to work on airplanes, and a friend/co-worker of his dad had made Mike a toy airplane out of plane parts and a spark plug that looks EXACTLY like this.  Actually, I'm looking at it right now :)  Cool gift for any plane lover.

FIFTEEN // Like I mentioned earlier, bragging rights are a gift all on it's own.  Give this instead of a predictable bottle of wine and you'll come out smelling like flowers... with a slight cherry finish.

SIXTEEN // The cook or food lover on your list will love these infused maple syrups.  Use them for the obvious pancakes and waffles, or pour over ice cream and into coffee.  Boom!  I want ice cream now.

Be sure to check out the many other gifts perfect for men, and everyone else!  Your Christmas List will thank you.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods, but all thoughts are my own.  


DIY boho christmas ornaments

Friday, December 2, 2016

As I was putting up my Christmas tree this year I felt like it needed some type of black ornament to balance out all of the silver and gold.  The tree was leaning a little more boho this year with the addition of some wooden bead garland, so I ran with it and pulled together these easy tassel ornaments.


  • black yarn
  • 1" round wood beads (I used these from Hobby Lobby)
  • 3/4" round wood beads (I used these from Hobby Lobby)
  • scissors
  • thin piece of wire

STEP  ONE:  Loosely wrap the yarn around the base of your fingers 25 times.

STEP TWO:  Gently pull the yarn off your hand and run a 12" long piece of yard through the top loops and knot in place.

STEP THREE:  Cut the bottom loops.

STEP FOUR:  Tie a 6" piece of yarn near the top of the tassel and knot in place.  Cut any excess yarn from the knot and even out the bottom of the tassel.

STEP FIVE:  String the wooden beads onto the top of the tassel.  Make it easier by using a thin piece of wire to thread the yarn through the beads.

STEP SIX:  Knot the top of the strings to use for hanging the ornament.


layered door mats

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!  Ours was nice and easy at home this year.  Just us and the kids.  I still made the table a little fancy even though it was low key.  My husband surprised Izzy and I with flowers the day before so they were the perfect centerpiece.  This is from my Instagram.  

It has my new favorite table cloth and pattern in it.  You may have also seen that pattern in the post following.  

By the way, if you're not following me on Instagram yet I'd love to have you!  There is a lot that I share there that doesn't make it to the blog, and you'll usually always see what I'm currently working on there first.  

So, the rug.  That's what I've brought you here today for.  I've been wanting to add a little 2x3 rug under our door mat and finally found the perfect black and white gingham rug.  Which, I don't know if I'm using the correct term.  Is it gingham or buffalo plaid??

Either way I don't care, I'm in love!  Door mats don't usually get much attention, but now it is hard to not notice.  There are so many great combinations you could create.  You really can't go wrong!  Most door mats are 1'6"x2'6" (18"x30") so a 2'x3' rug works perfectly underneath.  I've pulled together some different looks for you, and even a couple of Christmasy ones.  My set up is the top left.  The gray squares on the white stripes aren't quite as dark as they appear in the product image, but it still works great since most of it is covered by the coir door mat.  

Which one is your favorite?  I think I want to pick up the Christmas car.  Especially since it's only $12.99!


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